January 2019 Resident on Display: Kathy Adair

Kathy Adair

 is upbeat, spontaneous, and moves through life with a lightheartedness that feels like a breath of fresh air.  She has a reputation for being a bit of extra fun, and is often heard saying that she “may have to grow older, but that doesn’t mean she needs to grow up.”  Although she is experienced in many different mediums, she is an accomplished painter, and finds herself at home with a variety of styles and surfaces – from traditional canvas to repurposing glass bottles.  

She has an innate ability to see past the ordinary to the extraordinary, and reflects her personality in her artwork, making her pieces creative, imaginative, and truly unique. Kathy has been a proud Murray resident since 1987.  When she isn’t painting, she’s often spending time on her yoga practice, gardening, or traveling the world.

Murray Resident on Display Program

Murray Cultural Arts has set aside a central display case at City Hall for our  Murray Resident on Display exhibit, featuring the work of a Murray artist. Our exhibits feature a new artist each month. Come see our amazing artists and their work! City Hall hours are Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. Closed on weekends.

Sales are referred to the artist.

Upcoming Resident On Display Exhibits:

February 2019: Astrid Campbell
March 2019: Glenna Peterson
April 2019: Dave Koch

Murray artists! If you would like to be considered for our Murray Resident on Display series, contact Lori Edmunds via email.

Murray Resident On Display