Electronic Property Registery

Electronic Device Registry

The Murray City Police Department is in the beginning stages of establishing an Electronic Device Registration (EDR) Program. We hope to create partnerships with local businesses that sell and repair electronic devices to register those devices at the time of purchase with the Police Department.

At the time of the sale, the customer could register the item with the Police Department. The business collects the name, address, phone number of the customer, the item make, model and serial number on a simple form provide by the Police department.

This information would be forward to Murray Police and added to our database. If the item is ever stolen, the victim would know they registered the item with us and could retrieve the information for National Crime Information Center (NCIC) entry. NCIC information is used by Law Enforcement agencies across the nation when searching for lost and stolen items.
Customers who may not live in Murray can still benefit from this partnership, since other agencies within the Salt Lake area have basic access to our database and if needed, can retrieve the information.

If you would like to register an item that you already own, please fill out the document and return it to the police department.