Adult Volleyball League

Volleyball Divisions

Level B – B level players are more advanced than just recreational players. These players understand the game and are able to perform most of the necessary skills required to be successful. These players have competed on club, high school, or somewhat competitive recreational teams, and have been very successful in doing so.

Level BB - Level BB players have a great understanding of the game and its objectives. They’re comfortable on the court and know where to be at all times. Level BB players possess all of the skills needed to be successful in a competitive environment. These players often play competitively and typically have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play. These players have played on high level club or college teams.

Level A - Level A players are above average competitive players. These individuals may possess the skills needed to play professionally. They have in depth knowledge of offensive and defensive game play, and use advanced strategies to be successful. Level A players are typically in excellent physical condition and are able to compete at a high level. These players are former club and/or college athletes, and are extremely competitive.

 Fall Indoor Adult Volleyball Leagues 2017

Adult (18 years and older). The 1st place and 2nd place teams will receive awards pending enough teams. We reserve the right to modify format of league. Register in person at the Park Center (202 E. Murray Park Avenue) or Murray City Parks & Recreation Office (296 E. Murray Park Avenue) Register on-line (you must have an account with Murray City to register). Minimum of 8 teams per league. No refund after schedules are completed. After deadline an additional $30 for each league. For more information: 801-284-4200 press #5.








Women’s A 6’s

Sept. 11 - Oct 30



 The Park Center