Youth Volleyball Academy

Volleyball Academy

We are offering our beginners clinic for those who are just getting started with the game of volleyball. We will focus on passing, serving, hitting and setting to help your athlete understand the basics of the game and help them build a strong technical base. This is important for athletes who don’t understand rotations or the proper technique for each skill. We also want to teach them the correct way to play volleyball before they create bad habits.

*Players must be able to serve over hand from the back line consistently and be efficient at pass on their own side.  Display fundamentals of volleyball, able to serve and pass well.   The athletes will work on game play situations and learning the importance of transitions, rotations, defense (Front and back row), situational serving, serve receive responsibility, quick hitting, and more. This is for athletes looking to take the game of volleyball to the next level and become more versed in the way it works.

 This program will focus on fundamentals and games.   

When: TBD



The Park Center