K-9 Unit

Murray City Police Canine (K-9) unit enhance a department’s ability to respond to emergencies, particularly in the areas of Officer protection, drug detection, tracking, area and building searches, and apprehension of suspects. Canines can perform these functions more quickly, efficiently, and safely than officers on foot.

The K-9 unit provides a significant resource to assist our personnel and other law enforcement agencies in the area, in carrying out their duties, and this ultimately results in cost savings to the taxpayers.

The unit can be deployed on various patrol shifts and are also available for callout as necessary.

The unit dedicate approximately 16 hours to monthly maintenance training to demonstrate ongoing proficiency, but in reality, every day is training when working with police service dogs.

Obedience is the most important aspect of training and is the foundation for the successful performance of the other skills required of police service dogs.

Our K9 unit promote an atmosphere of community awareness and positive public relations through programs and demonstrations presented for groups, organizations and school children. This ongoing positive interaction with the youth and citizens of the community, coupled with their continued support and collaborative efforts, results in an effective and well maintained K-9 Program of which any community can be proud.

Our K9 Handler is Officer Taylor Blauer