Swim Lessons


Murray Park Center offers Swim Lessons for both Youth and Adults.
Head Injury and Concussion Policy Form- Must be submitted before first class.
Spring 2017 Swim Lesson Registration Form

 $35/$40 (Residents/Non-Residents) 
Guppies(Parent/Toddler): 6 months - 4 years old
 *Swim Diaper and Plastic Pants required for those under 3 years of age or not potty trained
Child/Youth Lessons: 3-16 years
Adult Lessons: 16 years and older

How to Register: In Person at the Park Center or Online at https://www.activityreg.com
Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline.
Refunds will not be given after the first day of the session.

Tuesday & Thursday Evening Lessons

Spring Sessions

Session 1: March 7-30 (Registration begins: February 24, 5 am)
Session 2: April 11-May 4 (Registration begins: March 24, 5 am)
Session 2: May 9-June 1 (Registration begins: April 28, 5 am)


4:00-4:30 PM ; Child/Youth Lessons
4:35-5:05 PM; Child/Youth Lessons
5:10-5:40 PM; Child/Youth Lessons, Guppies (Parent/Toddler)
5:45-6:15 PM; Child/Youth Lessons, Adult Beginning (5:45-6:20 PM)
6:20-5:50 PM; Child/Youth Lessons, Guppies (Parent/Toddler), Adult Intermediate (6:25-7:00 PM)


Saturday Morning Lessons

Spring Sessions

Session A: March 18 - May 13* (Registration begins: February 27, 5 am)


  9:00-9:30 AM ; Child/Youth Lessons, Adult Beginning
  9:35-10:05 AM; Child/Youth Lessons, Guppies (Parent/Toddler)
  10:10-10:40 AM; Child/Youth Lessons, Adult Beginning
:45-11:15 AM; Child/Youth Lessons, Guppies (Parent/Toddler)
  11:20-11:50 AM; Child/Youth Lessons
, Adult Intermediate  

Monday-Thursday Morning Lessons (Summer Only)

Summer 2017 Sessions

Session 1: TBA (Registration begins: TBA, 5 am)
Session 2: TBA (Registration begins: TBA, 5 am)
Session 3: TBA (Registration begins: TBA, 5 am)
Session 4: TBA (Registration begins: TBA, 5 am)
Session 5: TBA (Registration begins: TBA, 5 am)