Murray City Recreation Pickleball


Murray City Recreation Pickleball Information

Outdoor Play:
Murray City is proud to offer six beautiful outdoor courts nestled right in Murray Park. Our pickleball courts are on the North side of Little Cottonwood Creek in between Intermountain Homecare Building & Miller Boys & Girls Club of Murray. There is a bridge that connects the South of the Park where the Restrooms are located. The courts run North to South and have the ability for night time lights allowing longer evening play. The lights automatically shut off at 11:00 pm as when the park hours close for the evening. There are drinking fountains at the Pickleball courts that are turned on from April - October each year. Around the courts you will find multi benches for seating and socializing as well as over head shade for the hot summer days.

Click HERE for Murray City Outdoor Pickleball Court Location.