2021 Beautification Award Winners

Murray City's 2021 Beautification Award Program winners were selected by the Murray City Shade Tree and Beautification Commission from entries submitted by citizens and businesses. District winners were chosen for each of the five City voting districts. Citywide Awards were chosen for best commercial, multi-family, city-wide residential, and xeriscape (low water requirement landscape).

2021 District Winners

District 1 Winner—1134 West Pitchfork Road
1134 West Pitchfork Road

District 2 Winner—932 West Bryanston Cove
932 West Bryanston CoveDistrict 3 Winner—4780 South Atwood Blvd.
4780 South Atwood Blvd.

District 4 Winner—5889 South Utahna Drive

5889 South Utahna Drive

District 5 Winner—614 East Evesham
614 East Evesham

Citywide Awards

Residential Xeriscape—981 West Walden Ridge Drive

981 West Walden Ridge Drive

Multi-family—Springtree Condos
Springtree Condos

Commercial—5926 Stratler
5926 Stratler

Mayor's Award--5945 Fontaine Bleu Drive 

5945 Fontaine Bleu Drive

Special Recognition - Salt Lake County Health

Salt Lake County Health