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"Beauty Lou and the Country Beast" is an original country western adaptation of the classic fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast". Beauty Lou is the oldest daughter of the bronc-bustin' balladeer buck. At the local county fair, young Beauty Lou is upset by the ungrateful behavior of a miner who has won the blue ribbon for his beautiful roses. She calls him a beast and wishes that he would be one too. Years later, when in danger of losing the family farm, Buck meets the miner-turned-beast.

Beauty Lou agrees to befriend the Beast to save her family. She and the Beast both learn to look beyond appearances and first impressions and to see the beauty that dwells inside. The story, set in the American West, also features Beauty Lou's six sisters, her Imaginary Friend, her dog Fleabit Clyde, farmhands Slim and Disty, the neighborly Country Folk, and the Barnyard Critters.

This original musical production is part of the Missoula Children's Theatre unique international touring project and is presented locally by Murray City Cultural Arts. 

AUDITIONS: OCTOBER 16, 2023 | 4:30 PM 

  • Auditions for approximately 50 to 60 children and youth (grades K through 12) will be held October 16th, 4:30 PM at Hillcrest Jr High Little Theater. Auditions are limited to children attending public/charter schools within Murray City boundaries or living within the Murray City boundaries.
  • Assistant directors will also be selected to assist with various cast groups and technical aspects of the production.
  • Those auditioning must plan to stay the entire time (4:30 - 6:30). The cast will be announced at the end of the audition.


  • Rehearsals will begin 30 minutes after auditions (October 16) for major parts in the production.
  • Although rehearsal times will vary for each character, those who are cast must be available between 4:30 and 8:45 pm for the entire week of October 16 through 19 and all day Saturday, October 21.
  • Participants must clear their week of all other activities such as piano lessons, sports games and practices. This production will be learned and produced in just one week of rehearsals, so attendance at every rehearsal is mandatory.
  • Costumes for each child are provided by the Missoula Children's Theatre Company. However, a performers T-shirt may be purchased (optional) during the week.

PERFORMANCES: OCTOBER 21, 2023 | 12:00 and 3:00 pm

  • Purchase tickets at the door or at the Murray Parks & Rec Office.
  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to show
  • $5 General Admission
  • $25 Family (up to 6)