Murray Theater Renovation

Murray City is proud to announce the renovation of the historic Murray Theater. W4961bith the help of CRSA Architects and substantial support from the state, county, and you - our residents, the Murray Theater will reopen to showcase films and performing arts.

  1. Murray Theater History
  2. CRSA

Theater_oldBuilt during cinema's golden age, the Murray Theater introduced locals to the glitter and glamour of Hollywood's best. More than 80 years later, this gem is being polished to do it again.

The Murray Theater was built by Tony Duvall and Joseph Lawrence in 1938 as a motion picture venue, opening its doors for the public on October 28th. The first film was Irving Berlins, "Alexander's Rag Time Band" with Tyronne Power and Ethel Merman. Show prices were 20 cents for matinees and 25 cents after 6 p.m.

Since then, there have been various owners hosting diverse activities such as Utah Repertory Theater and professional wrestling. It boasts performances of superstars including Adele. In May of 2001, the theater was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Theater_old2

In 2015, Murray City purchased the 77-year-old structure with the purpose of rehabilitating it into a cultural arts facility. The facade is an excellent example of Art Moderne complete with rounded corners, horizontal windows and a vertical marquee serving as a landmark along the still heavily traveled State Street.