2021 Spring Conditioning is for youth ages 6 to 15 years who want to get "into shape" for any sport, not just limited to track and field. Pre-season conditioning focuses on FUN, building strength in arms, core and legs, increasing flexibility and improving running mechanics. Coach Watchman incorporates Plyometrics and exercise bands (provided) into the fun and beneficial training sessions!

COST$40 Murray Resident$45 Non-Resident

COACHESWalter WatchmanSavannah WatchmanSpencer Watchman


DATES & TIMESTuesdays 5 - 6:30 pmWednesdays 5 - 6:30 pmFridays 5 - 6:30 pm
ORIENTATIONParent & AthleteApril 6, 2021
5:00 pm
Murray Senior Center

Conditioning 2021 Flyer

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  1. What to Wear

Athletic work-out clothes. Shorts, sweats and/or running tights and shirt, jacket and or sweat shirt. Remember to layer because the weather can be cold one minute and warmer the next. Also wear/bring a hat and gloves (mittens).

Supportive under-garments. Girls: comfortable sports bra, designed for medium to high impact sports. Boys: compression shorts (optional).

Running or cross training shoes.

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