Flip-Your-Strip Information

Park strips are an important design feature in Murray City for a few reasons. Park strips generally include trees (We have been a recognized member of Tree City USA since 1977) These trees provide shade, beauty, and help to calm noises like traffic. Park strips create a buffer between the sidewalk and the roadway, making it safer for pedestrians to travel. 

Traditionally, park strips have included turf grass as the primary landscape feature. As water conservation becomes increasingly important, Murray City, is encouraging property owners to consider drought tolerant options, which will save water and reduce utility costs to property owners.

According to Utah Water Savers, a statewide conservation rebate program “Removing lawn from your park strip will save an estimated 5,000—8,000 gallons of water per year.”

Although Murray residents who are served by Murray Water cannot apply for Landscape Incentive rebates through Utah Water Savers, our Flip Your Strip rebate program is detailed below.

Flip Your Strip Program

This program is designed to increase curb appeal, reduce water consumption, and provide customers with a rebate on their water bill. Eligible customers (see requirements below) can receive a discount of $1.50 per square-foot of converted park strip. If you are interested in having your park strip evaluated to see if you are eligible to participate, please read the program requirements and FAQs below, then complete the form at the bottom of the page.

General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Park strips must be currently landscaped with living, well-maintained lawn. If lawn has been killed or removed prior to a pre-conversion site visit, you are not eligible for this program.
  • Applicant must be a residential customer of Murray City Water and current on all Murray utility bills.
  • Projects should remove all lawn from park strip and replace it with water efficient landscaping.
  • Projects that replace lawn with artificial turf are not eligible.
  • Rebate checks are made to the property owner only.
  • Qualified applicants will have 120 days to complete the landscape conversion. If the conversion is not completed in that time frame, the rebate agreement will be void.

Planting Requirements:

  • Perennial plants must cover at least 40% of the converted park strip at maturity. Trees will not be considered in density calculations.
  • Plants may not exceed 24 inches in height at maturity. Taller plants block views for safety and can interfere with city maintenance.
  • Completed projects must cover 3-4 inches of gravel, bark or compost mulch. Ground cover plants can qualify as mulch if 100% plant density is achieved at maturity.
  • If landscape fabric is used it must be permeable to water and air.
  • Concrete areas do not qualify for a square foot rebate, but pavers, bricks, stone and other permeable materials are permitted.
  • All plants must not be planted within 3’ of any water meter or fire hydrant to allow for city maintenance.

Irrigation Requirements:

  • Completed park strips must be irrigated with low-volume drip systems. Drip systems must include filter and pressure regulator.

How to Apply:

  • Review the eligibility requirements to ensure your project qualifies for a rebate.
  • Begin your application. You will be asked to provide photos of your project site and an estimated conversion area in square feet.
  • Request a pre-conversion site visit, remember killing or removing your lawn prior to a site visit will make your park strip ineligible for a rebate.
  • Complete park strip conversion.
  • Request a post-conversion site visit


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • 1. Can I apply if I have already started my project?
    • No, you must have living lawn in your park strip at the time of the pre-conversion visit. If you have already killed or removed your lawn you will be denied.
  • 2. What if my park strip is just full of weeds and the lawn is dead?
    • Your park strip needs to have living lawn to be eligible.
  • 3. I live in an H.O.A., can I still apply?
    • Yes, but you must clear project with your H.O.A.
  • 4. I am renting, can I apply for rebate?
    • If you are renting or leasing, you must have the property owner apply for the rebate and be present for pre-conversion visit. Rebate checks are issued to the property owner only.
  • 5. If I have an existing tree in my park strip, does it need to be removed?
    • No, we do not promote the removal of trees from landscapes unless they are causing problems with concrete walks. Trees must be watered with the installed drip irrigation system following conversion.
  • 6. I am installing landscape for my new home, can I apply?
    • No, this program is only for existing landscapes with grass park strips.
  • 7. Are multi-family residences eligible for this program?
    • No, this program is intended for single-family residences only.
  • 8. Can I remove my lawn and just replace it with bark, gravel or hardscape?
    • No, this program requires plant and drip irrigation to be installed. This rule is in place to follow local city ordinances.
  • 9. How long do I have to complete my project?
    • You have 3 months after your application to complete your park strip project.

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