2023 Candidate Profiles

General Election - November 21

2023 General Elections Candidate Profile

NAME Paul Pickett
Paul Pickett Pathway  copy
Candidate Profile:

Paul Pickett is committed to Murray City. He, his wife, and family of five have lived in Murray for 23 years.

Paul worked for an international organization supervising buildings and facilities, overseeing multi-million-dollar negotiations and contracts. He currently manages the operation of BYU-Pathway in 12 countries in Latin America.

He taught secondary school for 22 years, including four years in Murray. Paul attended the U.S. Air Force Academy and served in the US Air Force Reserves. He graduated from the University of Utah and holds a master’s degree from Washington State University.

Murray is at a critical juncture in its current and future growth. Among the areas of greatest need are:

  • The type and quality of business expansion
  • The type and quality of housing developments that meet demands, yet maintains the city’s sense of tradition, beauty, and community
  • Well-planned and engineered infrastructure—roads, water, sewer, electricity, communications
  • Expansion and maintenance of parks, recreation programs, and cultural opportunities
  • Quality public safety—fire, EMT, and police

As a member of the City Council, Paul will handle the city’s and your needs with thoroughness, honesty, and boldness.

Phone: 801-743-0911
Email: paulpickettformurray@gmail.com
Website: paulformurray.com

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*
NAME David W. Rodgers
DavidRodgersMurray 1
Candidate Profile:

David Rodgers is connected to his city and his community on a deep level and is honored with this exciting opportunity to advocate for his neighbors. David has extensive work experience in municipal governments at both the city and county levels, which means he would adjust comfortably to this new role as a city council member.

David received his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Southern Utah University, and more recently completed his Master's of Public Administration from Southern Utah University as well. David has worked in various city offices throughout Utah since starting his professional career and now serves as a Transportation Planner for Salt Lake County.

While he has worked and lived in many other cities in the state, Murray has become a home. David has connected with the city in his several years of living here. City government affects our day-to-day lives greatly, but local elections such as city council races are often overlooked. David hopes to engage his neighbors and community concerns and ideas for how he can help make the city of Murray the best it can be.

Learn more at:

Phone: 385-743-9325
Email: votedavidrodgers@gmail.com
Website: votedavidrodgers.com

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*

NAME Rosalba Dominguez
Rosalba Headshot SM
Candidate Profile:

Rosalba Dominguez resides in historical downtown Murray and is proud to serve as the City Council Member for District Three. A lifelong Utah resident, she combines her experience as an entrepreneur and community advocate to work collaboratively with constituents to keep Murray a great place to live, work, and play. 

During her tenure, she initiated a citywide survey on future downtown developments, advocated for smart growth and land use policies, and adamantly opposed a property tax increase. She has been a champion for the City, forging partnerships to preserve the City’s independent spirit and ensure Murray City Power continues to provide affordable and reliable energy sources for residents. She has used her platform to connect local services and essential resources to our neighbors who needed it the most. Additionally, Rosalba oversees an Annual Holiday Gift Drive that has raised over $5,000 each year. This heartwarming community effort supports 40 families and our senior citizens, by providing them with holiday gifts and food from our local pantries. 

Her collaborative approach and proactive engagement reflect her commitment to serving the community to make sure Murray is a place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. 

Learn more at:

Website: www.VoteRosalba.com  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoteRosalbaDominguez/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosalbadominguez_/
Phone Number/Text: 801-382-9674 

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*
NAME Clark BullenClark BullenCandidate Profile:

Clark is an ardent advocate for the citizens of Murray. He actively seeks input from residents regarding issues and petitions the council on their behalf. Clark is asking for your vote so he can continue to champion your voice and have a greater ability to effectuate the changes you want for Murray.

There is a lot of pressure from the State to build more High-Density housing. Murray is particularly sought after for its central location. That is likely why we already have 20% more renter-occupied units than Salt Lake County on average. Yes, there is high demand for more housing but that should not fall disproportionately on Murray. Clark pushes back against these pressures on behalf of you and your neighborhood so we can keep a balance of housing types in our community.

Clark believes Murray is the greatest city in Utah. He believes we should not sell ourselves short in our downtown revitalization. We are the heart of the valley, our historic downtown should be revitalized into a destination to reflect that. 

Clark and his wonderful wife, Brittany, have four boys. He has served on the Murray Arts board and is the Director of Implementation at CUI Benefits.

Learn more at:

Phone: (801) 718-2017  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClarkForMurray

Email: Clark@YourMurray.com
Website: https://www.yourmurray.com/

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*

NAME Adam Hock
Adam Hock Headshot
Candidate Profile:

Adam Hock has lived in Murray for ten years with his wife and four children. His wife, Stephanie, grew up in the city and his kids attend Murray School. Adam teaches at Murray High and Hillcrest Junior High.

He has received master’s degrees from both Brigham Young University in religion and the University of Utah in American History.

He has chaired community councils at Hillcrest Junior High and Longview Elementary, coached basketball and baseball for Murray Rec youth sports programs, and tried to build a strong community through community service and helping neighbors.

He is running for city council to keep the small-town feel of Murray while making the city a place for future generations. He aims to build our community, improve clean air, and promote culture in the city. As a city council member, he will continue to make Murray a place of pride for generations.

In his free time, he enjoys running, watching Chicago Cubs baseball, and spending time with his family.

Learn more at:

Email: adam@votehock.com 
Phone: 801-557-1346 
Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*

NAME Garry "CPA" HrechkosyMurrayCityWebsiteCampaignPicture- Garry Hrechkosy Candidate Profile:
Garry Hrechkosy (pronounced Her-wreck-uh-see) is running for re-election to continue serving the people of Murray City and District 5. Focusing on smart growth, fiscal responsibility, and building community. Garry was elected Chair of the Council for 2023, fostering strong relationships and promoting collegiality among council members.

Garry is the Vice President of Accounting and Controller for MX Technologies in Lehi, Utah. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) registered with the State of Utah, bringing financial expertise to the council.

Graduating from the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business, Garry holds an honors bachelor's degree and a master's degree in accounting. 

Garry, his wife Jill, and their two daughters, Grace and Ella, have been active Murray residents for six years. They support local businesses, engage with neighbors, and participate in community events. Garry's commitment to public service, combined with his business background and community involvement, drives his dedication to representing District 5 effectively.

With a passion for smart growth, fiscal responsibility, and community building, Garry Hrechkosy seeks re-election to continue serving and improving the lives of Murray City residents.

Learn more here:

Email: garryhrechkosy@yahoo.com
Phone: 949-526-0120
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vote_garry/
Website: www.votegarry.com

Declaration of Candidacy (PDF)*


The names of candidates are listed as they will appear on the ballot.

*The signatures of candidates are considered protected information according to Utah Code 63G-2-305 (77), which protects a signature “collected or held under, or in relation to, Title 20A, Election Code,”  

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