April 2023

Murray Journal - Rosalba Dominguez District #3

Last week at the March 7 Council meeting, the City Council made a unanimous vote to change requirements for future developments in the Murray City Center District (MCCD). The MCCD sets specific guidelines for future residential and commercial developments to ensure our downtown area is a vibrant, cultural space for residents and visitors. I personally live in the MCCD so I have a vested interest in its future.

There are three specific changes that are important to understand that will affect developments located south of Vine Street and east of State Street:

• Reduction of the number of stories of all new buildings from ten stories to six stories or 70 feet

• Increasing the landscaped area of a project from 15% to 25%

• Increasing the allotted amount for parking by 0.5 spaces per unit

Last year, I advocated for a city-wide survey to hear directly from residents on what they would like to see in future developments in the MCCD. Many responded with less density and additional scenery to enhance our downtown area. The Mayor and his staff, especially the Economic Development department, all worked with us individually to find a middle ground to revamp the MCCD code, especially in reference to the site of the current City Hall. This is a win for our city, but there is still more work to do.

We need to continue to work together to make informed decisions that will benefit residents and future generations. The current City Hall will be vacant soon and many stakeholders have a vested interest in this important space. I encourage you as a citizen to work with your community and developers in letting them know what you want. Not every decision comes to the City Council about development as the Planning Commission also makes these decisions. You are always welcome to contact them as well.

Again, I appreciate your emails and please continue to submit your comments.