Other Landscape Incentives

Landscape Incentives for Murray City Residents whose water provider is:

  • Salt Lake City Public Utilites - 7% of Murray Residents 
  • Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District - 13% of Murray Residents 

Central Water Conservancy District, along with your water provider and the State of Utah is offering incentives for converting your lawn to water-efficient landscaping. Incentives are calculated based on the conversion of lawn areas to water-efficient landscaping. Some new construction landscapes may also qualify. 

Depending on where you live and which requirements you meet, you could receive between $0.50 and $3.00 per square foot of lawn converted to water-efficient landscaping. Project options include park strip, partial yard, full-yard and Localscape conversions. To qualify for the highest rebate amount, your project must be a full-yard conversion. Learn more at localscapes.com

Program Rules & Eligibility 

Before starting your project, you must take a landscape class:

  • For full-yard conversions, please take Localscapes University.                                                                                                    
  • For smaller projects, please take Flip Your Strip and Side Yard.                                                                                                  

To submit an application, you will need:                      

  • A landscape plan, drawn to scale (does not need to be done by a professional).                                                                                        
  • Photos of your current landscape.                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Information about the landscape class you attended (date and location).

Eligibility requirements:

Project area must have living, maintained lawn prior to application. 

Project area is greater than 200 square feet. 

The project will not create or leave in place an area of lawn or turf immediately adjacent to the project area that is less than eight feet wide.

Program requirements: 

Project area must be converted to planting bed, hardscape or other areas that receive no overhead spray irrigation.

  • Planting Bed Requirements: must have at least 50% living plant cover at maturity at the ground plane (tree canopies, bulbs or annuals do not count as plant cover).
  • Irrigation Requirements: Must be watered with a drip irrigation system equipped with a pressure regulator, filter, and emitters. Existing spray systems need to be capped or removed.
  • Mulch: The remaining project area needs to be covered with three to four inches of mulch (gravel, bark, or compost).
  • Hardscape /Impervious Surface Limitations: Hardscape and impervious surface may be included in a project area but must not exceed 50% of the total landscaped area in the front, and 75% in the back (residential projects only).
  • For commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-family projects, there are no hardscape or impervious surface limitations outside of the park strip requirements. However, a project must receive written approval from the relevant land use authority before proceeding.