Parks & Pavilions


Find rental information for pavilions and facilities in the following parks: You can also view a virtual tour of our parks.

Pavilion Rental Information:

  • Pavilions can be reserved online or in person at the Parks & Recreation office (296 E Murray Park Ave)
  • All pavilions must be reserved 72hrs in advance
  • Availability of pavilions may be obtained online or by phone (801-264-2614)
  • Pavilions will not be held or booked by phone or email
  • Rental fee is paid at the time of reservation, and a rental contract is issued
  • Rental fee is based upon size of pavilion and Murray resident/nonresident status of person signing contract
  • Pavilions may be booked one year in advance
  • Pavilion rentals are available each year April 1 through October 31
  • BBQ's and electricity are available at all pavilions
  • Blowup structures may not be used at Pavilions 1 & 3 in Murray Park, Hidden Village, Walden, Winchester, or Southwood
  • A maximum of one blowup structure per pavilion rental allowed with a $50 additional fee and $2 million general liability insurance. All reservations that wish to include an inflatable, must be made in person at the Parks & Recreation office.
  • There is no running water available at any of the pavilions other than drinking fountains and restroom facilities
  • No amplified sound or alcohol is allowed in parks
  • Volleyball courts are available at all pavilions but are not included with the reservation
  • Equipment bags are available with a pavilion reservation by paying an additional $5 fee and $25 refundable deposit