Applications & Forms

All businesses will be required to submit an application form. Please be sure to complete the application in it's entirety and submit it with all required forms and documentation. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All businesses, other than office only, will need to complete the Industrial Discharge Questionnaire. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

Commercial Business License Application (PDF)
For all commercial businesses.

Home Business License Application (PDF)
For all home occupations.

Temporary Business License Application (PDF)
For all temporary businesses which do not exceed 90 days at any one location.

Residential Rentals Business License Application (PDF)
For all residential rental dwelling units.

Food Truck Business License Application (PDF)
For all mobile food trucks. (Does not include vending carts or mobile ice cream vendors) 

Personal Data Sheet (PDF)
For applications requiring background investigations.

Property Owner Authorization Form (PDF)
For all temporary businesses.

Property Owner Authorization Form (to Conduct Business (PDF)
For home occupations when owner is not the owner of the home.

Major Home Occupation Neighbor Consent (PDF)
For major home occupations. Signatures are required from the owners of all properties adjacent or abutting the applicant's property.