The division shall be directed by the City Treasurer, who reports to the Director of Administrative and Development Services and who shall be responsible for the administration direction of the division.

The division shall perform the following functions:

  • Supervise the collection of all taxes, assessments, fines, forfeitures, service charges, and intergovernmental revenues of the City (as provided for by applicable laws and ordinances)
  • Provide for the investments of idle cash in accordance with the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act and Utah Money Management Act
  • Be responsible for the disposition and disbursement of funds of the City, subject to budget appropriations
  • Keep an accurate and detailed accounting of all transactions, receipts, disbursements, and other matters as provided in the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act and Utah Money Management Act and as the City may by ordinance or resolution direct
  • Record the bonds of the statutory officers of the City as required by law
  • Execute all checks of the City prepared by the Finance and Administration Department as provided by State law (Ord. 99-20 6)
  1. Wendell Coombs Jr.

    City Treasurer
    Phone: 801-264-2668

  2. Customer Service

    Physical Address
    5025 S. State St., Room 118
    Murray, UT 84107


    Phone: (801) 264-2626
    Fax: (801) 290-4120

    Monday through Friday
    8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Closed holidays