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Posted on: November 27, 2019

New Murray City Hall FAQ's

New City Hall Header

Update for Winter 2023

New artwork has been installed on the north side of the building.

city hall art

November Progress Photo11-17-22 city hall photo

Update for Fall 2022

Progress continues at the construction site.

oct photo 1Oct photo 2

Update for Summer 2022

Construction is progressing on the interior, exterior, and grounds of the building.

city hall 2city hall 3

city hall 1

Update for January 2022:

We love to see the stairs going up at the Murray City Hall! Scroll down for a finished rendering. 



Update for October 2021:

You may have noticed that there is construction activity at the site! Steel should start going up soon.

City Hall Oct 2     

City Hall Oct

Update for December 11, 2020:

Work continues at the site with crews forming and tying rebar for foundation walls and stairwells. The site photos below were taken this week.

Screenshot_2020-12-10 DJI_0074 JPG Powered by BoxScreenshot_2020-12-10 DJI_0065 JPG Powered by Box

Update for November 12th, 2020:

You may have noticed that site work has commenced for the new Murray City Hall. The extension of Hanauer Street is progressing quickly, and the building footings and foundations are currently being constructed. Expected construction time for the new building is 24 months.

As the City announced previously, it will proceed with issuing a bond to pay for the new building. We anticipate the bond will be sold in Nov. 2020.

The site photos below were taken during the week of Nov. 2, 2020.

City Hall site

City Hall 2 site


The vision for the new Murray City Hall is to become the emotional heart of Murray City. This will be accomplished by providing a place that is unique to Murray City and more than just a building.  The exterior spaces and the building will work together to accomplish this goal. The Project will celebrate Murray’s independent spirit by providing a unique design that creates a destination and reinforces the strong identity of Murray. The Project will be inclusive and welcoming to the community and celebrate the accessibility and transparency of the Murray City government. It will be responsibly designed with functionality and sustainability at the forefront of every decision. The project will also be a catalyst for economic development in the surrounding area and help Murray City realize its Central District Master Plan.

There have been many questions asked about the new Murray City Hall. To answer those questions and share more information about the new building, we’ve compiled some answers that may be helpful. We will continue to add additional information here as we move forward with this project.  Additionally, you can read more about the new city hall in the Mayor’s message in the December edition of the Murray Journal.

Q:        Why does the city need a new city hall?  Why not remodel the existing building?


A:         The idea of building a new city hall has been discussed by city leaders for decades. The existing

city hall building is 80 years old. City offices have been located in the current building, which was previously the Arlington School, for 28 years. There are several reasons a new city hall is necessary:

  • The City has outgrown all available space.  Some departments that should be in city hall are located in other buildings.  Moving these departments to a new city hall will improve efficiency and convenience.
  • The building is not seismically sound.  In an earthquake, police, first responders, and other city employees lives and capabilities will be threatened.
  • The building has ongoing and costly maintenance issues, such as continual roof leaks, failing HVAC systems, mold, plumbing problems, etc.
  • The building has accessibility issues.

Q:        Where will the new city hall be located?

A:         The new building will be constructed two blocks west of State Street between 4800 South and Vine Street. Concept drawings and a site plan are attached at the end of this document. If you would like to view the site plan now, you may open the Murray City Hall Site Plan (PDF).

Q:        Why did you select this new location?

A:         The new city hall project will be a catalyst for economic development in an underutilized and unsightly area of the city. 

Q:        How will a new building benefit the taxpayers in Murray?

A:         A new city hall brings many benefits, including:

  • Consolidates staff and functions to improve customer service. Replaces a physically inadequate and increasingly costly city hall built in 1939.
  • Meeting the ongoing needs of the police department by providing additional office space, updated technology, and enhanced security.
  • Provides a new public plaza, public art, and parking for public use in the core of Murray’s downtown.
  • Sets an example for future sustainable buildings and design in the city.
  • Is a catalyst for future economic development that potentially brings jobs and increased tax revenue to the city.
  • The building is intended to serve the community for the next 50 years.

Q:        How much will it cost to build a new city hall?

A:         The building has a budget of $28 million.  Excluding the cost of land, the budget for the entire project is $34 million. This includes architectural services, construction costs, and other associated fees.   The city owns the property where the new city hall will be located.

Q:        How is the city going to pay for the new building?

A:         The city will issue a bond, or borrow funds, for the project.  The debt payments for the bond will be paid using existing revenues from property tax, sales tax, franchise fees, and other city revenue sources.  Bond payments will not exceed 5.5% interest nor exceed 31 years.  The city could consider to pay of the bonds early or refinance. 

Q:        Who is going to build the new city hall?

A:         Through a competitive bid process, the city selected GSBS Architects to design the building.  Layton Construction was selected as the general contractor.

Q:        When will the project start, and what is the projected completion date?

A:         The city hall project is planned to start construction in the first half of 2020.  Construction is expected to take 24 months.

Q:        What will happen to the current city hall site?

A:         The city is planning to sell the current city hall property. 

Download the New Murray City Hall FAQ's (PDF) and the Murray City Hall Site Plan (PDF)

Murray City Hall Front view A04 B new brickMurray City Hall Lobby Main view A02

Murray City Hall Lobby Second view A02

Murray City Hall Council Chamber

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