What do code enforcement officials do?

City staff involved in code enforcement activities primarily work in the Police and Community and Economic Development departments. They perform different tasks to bring violators into compliance, such as, building or property inspections, educating and notifying property owners of violations, coordinating with State and County staff, and issuing citations when necessary.

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1. What is code enforcement?
2. What do code enforcement officials do?
3. What types of violations can the City enforce?
4. Are there issues the City cannot enforce?
5. Can the City enforce homeowners' association (HOA) codes, covenants and restrictions (CC&R's)?
6. How do I file a complaint?
7. How long does it take for someone to respond to my complaint?
8. How long does it take to resolve a violation?
9. What are legal actions the City might take to resolve a violation?
10. Am I responsible for violations that existed prior to my purchase of the property?
11. Does the City patrol areas looking for violations?
12. When are code enforcement officers available?
13. What other agencies work with the City to resolve code enforcement complaints?