Cert Members extinguishing a fire

What is CERT?

Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are trained to help communities lessen the effects of a disaster during the first 120 hours when roads, communications, power, gas service and other utilities have been disrupted and professional emergency response teams are unable to get to the area.

Why is CERT necessary?

  • Each year across the country, there are communities that fall victim to a disaster. This may be in the form of a manmade disaster or a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood.
  • The damage caused by disasters effect all elements of society and government. These catastrophic events: severely restrict and overwhelm emergency response resources, communications, transportation, and utilities.
  • Many individuals and neighborhoods may be cut-off from outside support.
  • C.E.R.T training is to provide private citizens with the basic skills that they will need to handle virtually all of their needs and then to respond to their communities in the aftermath of a disaster.


Murray City Fire Department (MCFD) has been teaching CERT classes since 1996. We are now in the process of organizing our CERT members into districts. Each district will have a certain location to respond to in case of an emergency. From that location, the team could be deployed to help out citizens in need. Murray’s Education Specialist: Tom Roberson and Mac Lund are reaching out to local areas to obtain contact information for improved preparedness, planning and response. Feel free to email both Tom and Mac if you would like to participate in your neighborhood. You are also welcome to fill out our fire department contact form.



Fire Department Contact Form


This handbook will help you and your family PLAN for an emergency, PREPARE your home with supplies and equipment for an emergency, and will help you BE INFORMED on what to do for probable emergencies in the area. It provides essential information to volunteers/emergency professionals serving your family and neighborhood.

Junior Cert MembersWHEN IS THE NEXT CLASS?

Murray offers multiple CERT classes throughout the year. Our standard is one during the early spring, one during the summer and one each fall. If you or your civic/church groups are interested in attending, please contact George Zboril.

George Zboril, Fire Inspector/Education Specialist
Phone: 801.856.2616