Rules & Regulations


The office for the Murray City Cemetery is located on the cemetery grounds at 5490 S. Vine Street It is here that all arrangements must be made pertaining to the cemetery. Also, all information concerning the cemetery, including records, purchasing procedure, regulations, etc. may be obtained from this office.

Murray City Corporation operates and maintains a cemetery that is beautiful, dignified, and an appropriate final resting place for loved ones. In formulating these rules and regulations, it has been our desire to offer as much freedom of choice as possible while still preserving those regulations necessary to maintain a high standard of beauty and efficiency. We sincerely hope that you will assist us in this effort by adhering to these rules. We also solicit your comments and suggestions regarding general maintenance and operating procedures. Please call (801) 264-2637.

Powers of the Cemetery Superintendent

The superintendent, subject to the direction of the City Council, has entire charge of the cemetery and is authorized to enforce the rules and regulations pertaining to the cemetery. The superintendent may take such action as may be necessary, though not expressly authorized by the rules, in order to protect the property of grave and lot owners and the cemetery from injury, to preserve the peace and order, or to prevent injury to the appearance of the lots and graves, grounds, and buildings.

Contractors and Outside Workers

Contractors and others having work in the cemetery must have verbal permission or a work permit from the superintendent before work is commenced.


Disinterments may be made at reasonable times at the discretion of the superintendent. The written order of the lot owner or his legal representative, or an order from a competent authority in compliance with the law, must be given.

Prices and Charges

Prices of lots will be furnished by the Cemetery management at the office.

Alteration and Repeal of Rules and Regulations

Murray City Cemetery reserves the right, without notice, to make, amend, and repeal the rules and regulations of the cemetery and to make exceptions thereto. But such exceptions will not amend or repeal any rule or regulation. All fees, prices, and charges are also subject to change without notice and are published separately.

All previous rules and regulations are hereby superseded.