Creation of the Department

Old photo of firefighters Opens in new windowThe Murray City Fire Department was organized in 1906, just four years after the City of Murray was incorporated. The department originally consisted of 25 volunteer firefighters.

In July of 1906, the department was authorized to purchase two hose carts at $160 each, one chemical engine for $900, one hook and ladder truck for $450, four Waldron controlling shut-off nozzles at $25 each, and seven aluminum hats for $30, making a total of $1,730. The purchase price was later reduced to $1,600.

The following month, a constitution and set of bylaws were drawn up and adopted for the Murray City Volunteer Fire Department. The department was officially organized on August 6, 1906. The first Fire Chief in Murray City was M. F. Nogal.

Murray City Fire Department joined the Utah State Fireman’s Association as a charter member in September 1908.

Fire Stations

A fire station was constructed adjacent to the Murray City Hall at 4901 S. State St. in 1918. A second station was located at 6400 S. State St. The Fire Department has also been housed at 4725 S. State St., 4844 S. Poplar St., and 67 W. 6100 S. Today, the fire stations are located at (St. 81) 4848 S Box Elder Street, (St. 82) 996 E. Vine Street, (St. 83) 484 W. 5900 South, and (St. 84) 163 E. 5900 South. 

First Firefighters on City Payroll

The first full-time firefighter was put on the City payroll in March 1964. The first full-time chief was put on the payroll July 1, 1965. In 1965 the Fire Department answered 200 fire alarms for a total fire loss of $29,468. Unfortunately, two young children lost their lives in a car fire in May of that year.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 1973. Captain Earl Healy was put in charge of the Bureau, utilizing manpower from the ranks of the on-duty firefighters to complete fire inspections of businesses. There were 425 building inspections done that year. By 1976, the department had 18 full-time firefighters and 23 volunteers.

Emergency Medical Response

In the late 1970s, the Murray City Fire Department initiated an Emergency Medical Response Program. In 1977, the department responded to 142 medical assist calls. That number jumped to 483 in 1978. A medical squad was put in service and the department began training personnel as Emergency Medical Technicians. In 1979, medical assist calls increased to 896. Full-time staffing was increased to 22 full-time firefighters that same year.


By 1990 the department consisted of 33 full-time personnel and 15 part-time firefighters. 30 of the firefighters were trained as emergency medical technicians. The Murray Fire Department responded to 699 fire-related emergency calls and 1,663 emergency medical calls in 1990.


In 2000, the Murray Fire Department implemented advanced life support (paramedics) response to enhance the outstanding services that we previously provided. In that year, we responded to 1,020 fire-related emergencies and 2,523 emergency medical calls.


Currently our department responds to over 6000 emergency calls a year. We have 68 employees (57 response personnel and 11 administrative and fire prevention staff.