Citizen Complaint Form

Please fill out the form and email it to or print the form and bring it in to the Murray City Police Station to file the complaint.

The Murray Police Department is committed to serving the community in a highly professional manner and supports a readily available process by which citizens and employees can have confidence that complaints against either employees or the Department will be fairly and thoroughly investigated. Such investigations will ensure that proper corrective actions are taken, when appropriate, as well as protect employees against unwarranted criticisms when the procedures or actions by the employees or Department were proper.

The Murray Police Department acknowledges the responsibility it has to accept and investigate all complaints brought to the attention of the Department and is committed to resolving those complaints. Furthermore, the Department is also committed to taking appropriate action, when necessary, against those employees involved in unacceptable behavior or actions of misconduct, including training, counseling, or an appropriate level of discipline.

Those who wish to file a complaint against the department, or its employees may do so by speaking with an on-duty supervisor in one of the following ways:

1.    During business hours, call the administrative office (801)264-2613 or come into the Police Department.

2.    At any time, call Murray Police Dispatch (801)840-4000 and ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor. Your call will be  returned as soon as one is available. 

3.    Fill out the PDF complaint form and email it to 

4.    Print the PDF complaint form and bring it into the police department.

All complaints are promptly reviewed, investigated, and resolved by a supervisor and a member of the Administration/Command staff.