Fluoride Program

On October 1st, 2003, Murray began adding fluoride to the drinking water supply. This came about because of the passage of a ballot initiative in 2000. Murray voters passed the initiative be a 53% margin.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and with a few exceptions almost all water has some fluoride in it.

Murray City will add enough fluoride to the water to bring it into compliance with the mandated levels of 0.6 ppm to 0.9 ppm with a target range of 0.7 ppm. This level is required by the Salt Lake Health Department Regulations.

The city originally spent about $500,000 dollars on engineering, construction and equipment to be sure we could comply with the fluoride regulation, we have an annual cost of about $75,000 dollars for the operations and maintenance of the system.

Murray City Corporation offers two non-fluoridated water sources to those who would like to fill containers for drinking water.


  •  #9 East 6100 South—It’s located on the North facing wall of our Booster Station. NON-Fluoride water valve
  •  630 East 5400 South—It’s a yard hydrant that is West of our Reservoir near Murray City Cemetery. Highland Non-Fluoride Water