The Murray City Museum is always on the lookout for artifacts of interest that can help tell the story of Murray City's history!water

Museum Collections Policy
Acquisitions to the Museum's collections, whether by purchase, gift, loan, bequest, excavation, or other means, shall be in accordance with the following guidelines. Acquisitions, either by purchase or donation, must be approved by the Collections Committee. 

Determination of Scope
The Museum accepts donations that have been created or used within the boundaries of Murray City, related to the history of the City, or be typical of life in the City and comply with the Museum's Collection Plan.

Acquisitions to the Museum's collection shall be thoroughly documented in accordance with the following rules:
1. Prior to acquisition, provenance and legal ownership shall be documented.
2. Each acquisition shall be documented through a Deed of Gift, which transfers legal ownership to the Museum.
3. Acquisitions added to the permanent collection shall be promptly accessioned upon receipt and acceptance after approved by the Collection Committee.
4. A Condition Report (photograph and written) must be completed with the deed of gift and kept on file.

Technical Problems of Ownership
No object shall be accepted into the permanent collection if the donor requires restrictions on exhibit, use, or ultimate disposition. Exceptions may be granted only by the majority of vote of the Collections Committee and the Murray History Advisory Board.

Interested in Donating to the Murray Museum?
If you would like to donate a photo, family bio, or artifact, please call the Murray Museum Office for more information and appropriate forms. Potential donations must be reviewed by history staff to determine relevance to Murray City History - there is no guarantee donations will be accepted into the collection.
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