Tour Requests

At this time, the Museum is closed for tours as it is being prepared to move locations!

Murray Museum tours are generally provided for individuals and groups during regular museum hours. If you wish to Principals Packet (1)schedule a tour of the museum, you may do so using the forms below. School reservations and groups exceeding 20 people must schedule tours at least a month in advance. Smaller groups are encouraged to make an appointment at least a day in advance so the staff is properly prepared. Special appointments may be made for other possible times by contacting the museum at 801-264-2589.

Museum tours for schools consist of a museum tour and a city hall tour, including the city council chambers and the Mayor's office, if the Mayor's schedule allows. School tours are best scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays may be scheduled if necessary, but the "city hall" component of the tour may be eliminated due to conflicts with space. Wednesday tours cannot accommodate more than 2 classrooms.

We are a small museum! Large non-school groups may be divided up into 2 groups of no more than 20 participants each, due to our space restrictions within the exhibits.

School tour requests for public schools in Murray City boundaries - Access the Request Form (PDF)

Tour requests for schools outside of Murray, or non-public schools and other organizations such as scouts - Access the Request Form (PDF)

 Questions? Call the museum: 801-264-2589