Collections and Resources

Family Files

Over 300 family bios are cataloged in our family file section at the museum. These files can be used for school projects and family research. However, our staff does not have time to do the research for you, but we are willing to briefly check to see if there is information on file and you can come in and do the research. There may be a fee for making copies.

Documents and Museum Artifacts

A variety of documents and artifacts are cataloged or displayed in museum exhibits. The documents include high school year books, personal and organizational scrapbooks, newspaper articles, and other types of recorded historic material which have been donated and collected from various sources. These items may be used for research at the museum only.

Local Historic Registry

Want to find Murray homes on the historic registry? We maintain a list, and a link to images of historic homes in our Photo Collection.

Old Murray Newspapers

Old issues of the Murray Eagle and other old Utah newspapers are available to view online.

Oral Histories

The museum has taped and transcribed over 56 oral interviews of individuals with long time Murray roots. These tapes are available to listen to at the museum, or copies are stored in the Utah State Library Archives.

Publication and Products

Murray City has produced a variety of products and publications which can be viewed or purchased. Please see Publications and Products

Traveling History Exhibit

This exhibit may be checked out for 1-2 weeks upon request. The exhibit features a photo display of various aspects of Murray's history and is contained in a large portable bag which can be carried. A long banquet table is needed for this display. Please email Jennifer Broschinsky at the museum or call 801-264-2589, to reserve the exhibit.