APPEAL: Either party may appeal a Small Claims Judgment within 30 calendar days of loser's receipt or notice of entry or judgment. A Notice of Appeal must be filed with court that issued the judgement and the appropriate fee paid.

DEFAULT JUDGMENT/DISMISSALS: If you did not appear for the trial and judgment was entered against you, you may ask that the judgement be "set aside." The court must receive the Request to Set Aside Judgment within 30 calendar days after the Notice of Default Judgement was mailed to you. For more information, see the Request to Set Aside Judgment form which is available from the clerk's office.

SATISFACTION OF JUDGMENT: If and when the judgment is paid, you must obtain and file a Satisfaction of Judgment from with the clerk. A Satisfaction of Judgment must also be filed in each county in which an Abstract of Judgment was filed. There is no cost for the Satisfaction of Judgment.

DURATION OF JUDGMENT: A small claims judgment must be collected with 8 years of the date it was granted. It may be renewed by filing a new affidavit before the original judgment expires.