Murray Storytelling Showcase

2022-2023 Storytelling Residencies

Residencies are a great opportunity & fun way for children, teens, and adults, to develop story writing & storytelling skills! 

There are typically four types of Storytelling Residencies:
   1. After school residencies held at an elementary school 
   2. In-class residency at a specific school and grade (closed to general)
   3. Residency at the Senior Recreation Center (open to general, ages 18+)
   4. Weekend residency (open to general, grades 3 - 12)

As residencies are confirmed, locations & schedules will be posted below.
*Please note: Not all schools participate in the program, so students are advised to choose the residency that will best fit their schedule.


Library Storytelling Residency

Grades: Open to grades 3-12
Dates: January 21, 28; February 4, 11, 25
Final Performance: March 4, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Murray City Library (166 E 5300 South)
**To register or have questions - contact 


Participants in the Murray Storytelling Showcase are chosen from our various storytelling residencies that are held throughout the school year. Finalists from the Showcase are invited to participate in the  Annual County event, Story Crossroads, held in Murray Park and other county facilities. 

We had a wonderful time listening to a variety of stories from our community from our 2021-22 Season. You can watch most of the storytellers on our YouTube Channel: 


Please email or leave a message at 801-264-2638.
Questions specific to Sr. Recreation Center Residency: phone 801-264-2635