Arts Advisory Board

Murray has a long history of support of the Arts. The Murray Arts Advisory Board is a nine-member appointed board that assists staff in guiding the cultural activities for the City. 

The Murray City Arts Advisory Board Mission:
To promote the development, awareness and appreciation of, and participation in, the cultural arts and humanities in the city. To act in an advisory capacity to the mayor, city council, and city staff regarding promotion of the arts in the city. To carryout this purpose, the Arts Advisory Board is empowered to:

  • Promote the broad spectrum of the arts in the community including the performing, visual, and literary arts.
  • Encourage & Support other community based art organizations which provide cultural arts opportunities for City residents.
  • Advocate for the arts as a significant element of the school curriculum.
  • Promote resources including staffing, facilities, and funding which support the implementation of year round cultural arts activities focused for the benefit of City residents.
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor regarding the administration of City owned arts facilities, including the City amphitheater.

If you are interest in serving on the Arts Advisory Board, please contact Lori Edmunds at (801) 264 - 2620 or Jennifer Heaps


  • Third Tuesday every month, 7 P.M. at the Murray Parks & Rec Office (296 E. Murray Park Ave.)

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings
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Minutes are available following approval
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  • Wendy Richhart, Chair
  • Becca Spjute
  • Kat Martinez
  • Peter Klinge, Jr.
  • Clark Bullen
  • Nancy Buist
  • Jeff Evans
  • Haley Oliphant
  • Christy Anderson

Local Art Grants

City offers grants and performance contracts to local art organizations each year. Annual grant applications are available in November and are generally due during January, for the upcoming fiscal year which begins each July. The Arts Advisory Board reviews these applications and makes recommendations for the budget. Contact Lori Edmunds at (801) 264-2620 to see if your organization may qualify and to get a copy of the application.