Secondary Art Show

Murray City holds an annual exhibition of art created by secondary education art students either residing or attending schools within Murray City boundaries. This competition is generally held in April or May and is open to students grades 7-12. Divisions include junior high grades 7-9 and high school grades 10-12 in the categories of graphics, painting, photography, and ceramics.

Artwork must have been completed in the last two years and is not eligible if it has won an award in a previous Murray City exhibit. Junior high winners receive place ribbons, and high school 1st place winners receive cash prizes.

​2018 Secondary Art Show

The 2018 exhibit was held May 8-10 at the entrance to Dillard's in Fashion Place Mall. Thank you to the students who entered their talented art work, to the teachers who helped encourage their students, to the judges, and the volunteers who helped make this Art Show a success!

We had 175 students participating from 4 different schools (Riverview Junior High, Hillcrest Junior High, Murray High, and Cottonwood High), with a total of 241 entries!

Art Show Ribbons:

   Watercolor:   Oil/Acrylic:  Pen/Pencil:
1st  Rachel Vance, MHS, Salt Lake Valley Michelle Dressler, MHS, Steel-Box Elise Finlinson, MHS, New York in the Winter
 2nd  Alexis Maestas, MHS, Man in Blue Sophia Aste, CHS, Clean on Clear   Christina Tran, CHS, Hanbok
 3rd  Sadie Curtis, MHS, The Lights Warm Up the Sky Talia Melby, MHS, Cherries Hannah Balle, MHS, Self Portrait
 HM Luka Robenson, MHS, Martin Gore Cathryn Kim, CHS, Heading Home  Nate Benetes, MHS, The Nathaniel
 HM Sage Sutcliffe, MHS, Diamonds & Dust Isaac Zavala, MHS, Case
 HM Brynna Roberts, MHS, Into the Past    
 HM  Alexis Maestas, MHS, Light in Darkness    
 HM  Sadie Curtis, MHS, The Boulangerie    
   Pastel/Charcoal  Mixed Medium Print Making
 1st  Kara Bagley, CHS, The Man Clair Nebeker, CHS, Rogue Wave Cassie Stockdale, MHS, In Flight
 2nd Kristina Roller, MHS, A Rose Among Thorns Shelbey Curtis, MHS, Perspective on Dance  River Wright, MHS, Isabaue
 3rd Elizabeth Boettcher, MHS, 6-String Axe  Sarah Stewart, MHS, Weightless Ember  Cassie Stockdale, MHS, Self Portrait
 HM Levis Siripanthong, MHS, A Gift from Friends    
 HM McKenzee Gustafson, CHS, My Moon    
  Original Photography Digitally Enhanced Photography Computer Art
1st Abdisahm Mohamed, CHS, Eye Cameron Schumann, MHS, Consumed Lucas Montoya, MHS, Self Portrait
2nd Kalob West, MHS, Visually Aesthetic Jason Horman, MHS, Zions Canyon Makenzee Child, CHS, Orange Tree
3rd Kaitlyn Golightly, CHS, Enchanting Waters Lama Alshammary, CHS, Inside Out Sarah Rasmussen, MHS, Autumn Girl
HM   Jason Horman, MHS, Mountain Lake  
HM    Marina Zara, MHS, Underskin  
HM   Angela Jacobsen, MHS, Tumblr Love  
   Ceramics/Sculpture/Wire  Junior High  
1st  Sophia Kirkham, MHS, Back in the Day Kalhan Foster, RJH, Out with the Boys  
2nd Emily Brown, MHS, Red Vase Averi Potter, RJH, China Town  
3rd Ethan Benally, MHS, Abraham Lincoln Seirra Harlin, RJH, Leopard  
HM Sam Lundberg, MHS, Contrast Erik Marchant, RJH, Panda  
HM Andrew Aston, MHS, Tech Skull Colton Larsen, RJH, Mountain Side