Community & Economic Development Department

The Murray City Public Services Building is open to the public. Business can be conducted through our website, via email, or over the phone as well. We are also continuing contactless document exchange and business transactions through the drop box located at our front entrance.

For more information, please call or email our divisions at:

Building Division

  • 801-270-2431

Business Licensing

  • 801-270-2425

Planning & Zoning / Code Enforcement

  • 801-270-2430

Economic Development / Other

  • 801-270-2400


Department Overview

The Community and Economic Development Department is charged with overseeing the orderly growth and development of Murray City and to enhance the welfare of the citizens in the community by providing planning and economic development efforts, which contribute to the enhancement of prosperity and bettering our community. The following are the core functions of the Department.

Community Development

  • Business Licensing - Processes all business license applications for the City and coordinates with all departments for review in this process
  • Interact with and serve customers - Provide information and assistance to all of our customers with dignity and respect, and to provide this in a timely manner
  • Current Planning - Create, manage, and implement the zoning, subdivision, and other manuals or protocols relevant to better implement the City’s General Plan; Site Plan Review and development review; solicit and manage public dialog
  • Long-Range Planning - Create and manage the General Plan for the City, including the update of appropriate implementation ordinances; Provide other long-range planning efforts that will contribute to the orderly growth and development of the community
  • Code Enforcement - Work to ensure that all uses and development in the community adheres to Municipal Code
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Programs - Management of the City’s CDBG funding and all other relevant documents and corollary actions relevant to making City and sub-recipient programs funded by CDBG dollars compliant with federal regulations and successful implementation
  • Special Projects as Assigned - By the Mayor and Murray City Council

Economic Development

  • Interact with and serve customers - Provide information and assistance to all of our customers with dignity and respect and to provide this in a timely manner
  • Economic Development - Promote and assist in community job creation, job retention, investment formation, prosperity enhancement, and quality of life protection and promotion
  • Redevelopment - In conjunction with the Redevelopment Agency of Murray City, facilitate timely and appropriate redevelopment projects in the community.
  • Other services - Provide other services including research and planning, business attraction, business retention, City coordination regarding business issues, and provide demographic information for the community

Committee Support

The Department provides staff support for the following:

  1. Community and Economic Development

    Physical Address
    10 East 4800 South
    Murray, UT 84107

    Fax: (801) 270-2414

  2. Phil Markham

    Community and Economic Development Director

  3. Elvon Farrell

    Economic Development Specialist