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Residents served by Murray City garbage collection services receive a green recycling container along with the regular black automated garbage container for recyclable materials.

Pick up of the green container will occur every other week. Containers should be placed like the regular containers and out by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

Place all recyclable material to be collected within the green automated recycling container. Only those items listed below will be accepted. All non-recyclable refuse must be placed in the black automated containers.

View recycling informational videos.

What should be recycled? (PDF)

Much of what you throw away could be recycled. The following items can be deposited in your green recycling container for processing into usable products: Clean paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books, paper bags, wrapping paper); clean cardboard (corrugated cardboard, cardboard egg cartons, cereal and food boxes, paper towels and toilet paper rolls); clean plastics (empty plastic bottles and jugs only); clean metals (beverage and food cans).

Prevent Identity Theft!
Shred anything with your name or confidential information. Rather than dumping loose shredded paper into the green container, put it in a clear garbage bag tied up. It will be easily identified at the processing facility and put in the paper bin for recycling.

Recycling Do's! 

  • Do your part and make a difference by recycling everything you can that's recyclable.

Recycling Don'ts: