Criminal Matters

Jail Time and Fines

Class of Offense
Jail Time
Base Fine
Class B Misdemeanor
0 to 180 days
$0 to $1,860 surcharge included
Class C Misdemeanor0 to 90 days
$0 to $1,425 surcharge included
Infraction0 days
$0 to $1,050 surcharge included

The maximum fine for any one offense heard in a justice court is $1,860. You can view the Utah Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule to find out the recommended fine or bail for your offense.

Additional Charges

  • In addition to the base fine, the State of Utah requires that defendants convicted of certain crimes pay a surcharge of 35% or 85-90% of the base fine depending on the crime.
  • There is also a $40 Court Security Fee on certain offenses.
  • You may receive probation from the Court in lieu of a jail term.
    • If the Court imposes probation, the Court will explain to you each of the terms and conditions of your probation. You must fully comply with each term of your probation. Failure to do so can result in revocation of your probation and incarceration in jail.

Payment Plans

If you are to pay a fine, the Court can help you set a payment plan for the fine payment. This is a monthly payment, but must be completed within one year of the adjudication.

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