Victim Advocate

Murray Police Victim Advocate Program

The Murray Police Department's Crime Victim Advocate Program is designed to assist victims of crime with support through the justice system as well as provide victims with community resources and assistance. Murray Crime Victim Advocates assist victims (and family members) of the various types of crimes:

• Domestic violence
• Dating violence
• Child Abuse
• Sexual Assault
• Robbery
• Stalking/Harassment
• Assault
• Homicide
• Suicide and other traumatic loss

Some of our services include:

Referrals to community resources
Counseling resources
Information about the criminal justice system
Provide resources for financial assistance
Accompaniment and support to some court hearings
Prevention work, including public presentations

Local Resources

Utah Health and Human Rights Project
Rape Recovery Center
Sego Lilly Center for the Abused-Deaf
Adult Protective Service
South Valley Sanctuary

We also have 24-hour on-call coverage for police-related call-outs.

To reach a Crime Victim Advocate, please call:

(801) 284-4201 or (801) 284-4203, Monday thru Friday during business hours.

Recommended Reading

"Getting Free," by Ginny NiCarthy

"When Love Goes Wrong," by Susan Schecter and Ann Jones

"Not to People Like Us": Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages, by Susan Weitzman

"When Dad Hurts Mom," by Lundy Bancroft

"Why Does He Do That?," by Lundy Bancroft

"The Verbally Abusive Relationship," by Patricia Evans

"Time’s Up" by Susan Murphy Milano